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The Scamming Tactics of a House Cleaning Contractor

A clean and tidy home reflects the personality of the homeowners. House cleaning needs to be done regularly. If you are a conscious type of person when it comes to cleaning, you know that hiring a house cleaning contractor is beneficial for you. This also applies to those people with hectic schedules. Unfortunately, scams of cleaning contractors are rampant nowadays. If you want to avoid being a victim of scams, be familiar with these common scamming tactics.

The “lowest price ever” scam

You will usually hear this from salespeople knocking at your door and offering their service. They are claiming to have the lowest service cost in town. Most of them will pressure you to get their service since it is already at a discounted price. The moment you encounter this, stop conversing with the salesperson right away.

The “best method ever” scam

You might encounter a house cleaning contractor bragging that they are using the best cleaning method. The only problem with this is that there is no such thing. For you to be sure if their claims are true, do ask them what are the methods involved. If they fail to provide you a detailed and definite answer, you should choose a different cleaning company.

The “payment first system” scam

We are all familiar with this type of scams. There are already a lot of reported incidents about this scamming technique. It is part of the business that a cleaning contractor will ask for a partial payment. But keep in mind that this partial payment should not be more than half of the entire service cost. For you to check the contractor’s integrity, do ask for a detailed contract.

You must be wary of these scamming tactics of a cleaning contractor. If you are looking for a reliable cleaning contractor for your home, Julietta's House Cleaning Service is the company you should hire. They are the trusted local house cleaning service provider in Norristown, PA. To book their service, give them a call at (484) 719-4088.


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